We are a start-up from Munich founded by a bunch of sport enthusiasts and outdoor lovers. The sun is our essential dope of life, and sun protection is an essential ingredient of the fun activities for ourselves, our friends and families. We asked ourselves, why does sunscreen always have to be a trade-off between harming our planet and feeling good on your skin? This is why we created NEW LAYER, the first 100% eco-conscious High Performance Sunscreen without compromises. Good for you, Good for the planet.


On weekends you can find Markus climbing the Bavarian or Austrian mountains. Daniel is probably at a lake with his kids, showing them how to cannonball with a big splash. During their vacations, they both share a passion for water-sports. While Markus explores higher spheres with his kite, Daniel tries to catch as many waves as possible. And of course, the family is never watching when he gets one.

We’re here to help you out anytime. Seriously, you can ask us anything: How to use our products, directions to our fav hike or lake, or where to find the best beer garden. We’re here for ya.

Just send us an email to hello@new-layer.com or give us a call: +49 89 356479 05