Is NEW LAYER Sunscreen really 100% eco-conscious?

Yes, it is. At NEW LAYER we have combined the latest UV-filter innovations such asTinosorb, which are scientifically proven to be reef-friendly, with plant-based ester oils of the highest quality. We have left out all the bad stuff such as microplastic, mineral oil, parabens, silicones, and PEG in our unique innovative formula. We even went further and put all this goodness into a fully recycled packaging to minimize your and our environmental footprint.

What does HIGH PERFORMANCE Sunscreen mean?

NEW LAYER Sunscreen consists of a special plant-based ester oil formula that does not only provide a super light touch, it even provides up to 56% more protection than required in the tests. Thanks to latest UV-filters and an innovative formulation technology it absorbs within seconds and provides immediate water-resistant protection. The light formula lets your skin breathe while you are enjoying your favorite sports.

Should I use NEW LAYER for my kids?

For children under 6 months your best bet is to keep them out of the sun, cover them with clothes, a hat, and/or an umbrella. If you must expose them to the sun, first consult your pediatrician. For children over 6 months we would recommend NEW LAYER SUNSCREEN. We use only the latest UV-filter technology like Tinosorb, high peforming plant-based ester oils and have avoided all the bad stuff. It sounds easy. We can tell you, it isn't. It took us nearly 2 years to develop our product.

How do you achieve reef-friendliness?

Simply by not using any of the harmful things that damage corals such as oxybenzones, avobenzones or nano particles.

Why do you use chemical instead of mineral UV-filters?

We spent a long time figuring out the best option. Finally, we decided to opt for the latest innovations in chemical filters as they perform well in terms of providing high protection, a light touch and being reef-friendly. While mineral filters are often believed to be unharmful, many of them are in the form of nano particles to get a soft touch, and are suspected to be carcinogenic.

Is NEW LAYER Sunscreen really the best?

We can't know for sure if everyone in the world agrees, but to us, it is.

Why the brand name NEW LAYER?

NEW LAYER symbolizes an entirely new era of sunscreen - your high performing and 100% eco-conscious layer of protection. Go out, have fun and let us take care of the rest.

Where is NEW LAYER Sunscreen made?

Curated in Germany, crafted in Switzerland

Who are the people behind NEW LAYER?

NEW LAYER was founded by us - Daniel and Markus, two guys from Munich who love to do sport outside. The sun is our essential dope of life. On weekends you can find Markus climbing the Bavarian or Austrian mountains. Daniel is probably at a lake with his kids, showing them how to cannonball with a big splash. During their vacations, they both share a passion for water-sports. While Markus explores higher spheres with his kite, Daniel tries to catch as many waves as possible. And of course, the family is never watching when he gets one.

Why is the price of NEW LAYER Sunscreen higher than an ordinary sunscreen from a drugstore?

Hmmm…that’s an interesting question. We make our products for ourselves, our kids, friends and customers using only ingredients of the highest quality. When it comes to skin protection and health, we put innovative formulation technology and quality first and cost second. We could probably save some costs by reducing our standards in terms of quality and eco-consciousness, but that's against our philosophy.

I love your logo, how do I get some free stickers?

Just send a self-addressed stamped envelope to our NEW LAYER office and we’ll hook you up.
NEW LAYER GmbH, Einsteinstr. 131, 81675 Munich, Germany.

Why the surfers and ocean on the packaging?

Why not, it looks great!

When does sunscreen expire?

All of our sunscreens have a shelf life of 3 years. To find out when a product was made, check out the lot number at the bottom of the bottle. The first two digits represent the year of production.


How much is shipping?

Always free shipping to Germany and free shipping globally from €50 order value! Below €50, we ship globally for €3.90

Where can I buy NEW LAYER Sunscreen?

You are almost there. Just click SHOP NOW in the menu. Alternatively, you can also find NEW LAYER SUNSCREEN on Amazon, BSTN.com, and at selected retailers.